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"Cath - thank you for your amazing instruction over the weekend, you were so patient! I feel like I learnt a lot and it's helped to calm some of my nerves for next time I'm out there! -"
- Hannah

Introduction to Navigation

Here at Leading Edge we will help you become much more competent and also confident in being able to move around mountains effectively and efficiently. This course blends theory and technical input with masses of hands on practical experience. Our supportive and friendly approach will encourage you to take the lead and try putting It all into practise. Leading Edge will help you experiment with navigational techniques and strategies, we are on hand to instruct, coach and encourage as needed. You will go away having had lots of practical experience and feel far more prepared and confident to deal with our varied mountain conditions.

We are highly experinced outdoor educators and are very able at delivering individual and progressive learning. A big difference in ability or confidence is not a problem for us at all. Our open and friendly style encourages questions and queries. This ensures a highly bespoke and rewarding experience.

What does Introduction to Navigation cover?

Map and compass work
Contour interpretation
Basic to advanced technique
Strategies for navigation
How to find out where you are
Poor visibility navigation
Pacing and timing
Taking bearing, walking on a bearing
Using a GPS