Leading Edge | Mukti Pitch Climbing

"Brilliant - Sam is an absolutely fantastic coach and she really, truly cares :-D I was very motivated to begin lead climbing this summer but needed Sam's help first to get my mindset ready for it and to improve my confidence... and it worked! Sam not only helped me to improve my climbing techniques; she also worked on the tactics and psychology of leading which resulted in massive improvements in what I could achieve. 100% recommended!"
- Branwen

Introduction to Multi Pitch Rock Climbing

Introduction to Multi Pitch Climbing allows you to embark on a rock climbing journey that takes you to beautiful places and maximises your time at the crag. You may want to go on a guided journey and experience the best of what North Wales has to offer on some wonderful famous routes of the highest quality. You might like to learn the skills to be independent and ultimately take the journey for yourself. In either case Leading Edge and the introduction to multi pitch climbing will help you develop your safety skills, movement techniques and the all important confidence in your own ability.

We always strive to deliver a very bespoke experience on any Leading Edge course. Here the 1:2 ratio allows us to focus even more on you the individual and allows us to tailor make each day. We help you pick routes that will ensure you gain the most from your time rock climbing with us.

Our courses are very open and supportive, we can really help you deal with obstacles that may hinder your performance and enjoyment. The positive atmosphere Leading Edge creates helps you to tackle challenges and our encouragement will have you surprising yourself at what you can achieve.

What does the Introduction to Multi Pitch Rock Climbing Cover?

Rope work and technical skills
Becoming a competent second
Belaying a lead climber
Managing a traditional climbing rack of protection
Personal movement and coaching
Use of guidebooks and route finding skills