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Mountain Skills Course

Just like our Mountain Training Hill Skills Course this one is very much tailored to you. We are extremely experienced at working with a wide variety of client ability on the same course. We will make the whole course feel very bespoke and ensure you get the right quantity of instruction, support and coaching all delivered at a pace that suits you. Our friendly, open and inclusive style allows for the asking of any questions and airing concerns. A highly positive and rewarding course which will do wonders for confidence in the mountains.

Leading Edge runs an optional evening session, either a walk into darkness or an additional teaching session on other elements of the course syllabus. On the 5 day course there is also the opportunity to experience a two day expedition through the mountains with a wild camp.

Completion of this course gains accredition from Mountain Training.

What does the Mountain Skills course cover?

Planning – how to successfully plan a walk in the mountains in the UK or Ireland.
Walking skills – what things should you consider while out walking and what can make life easier (pace, nutrition, movement skills, steep ground etc.).
Clothing and equipment – being suitably dressed and equipped can make the difference between a great day out and a complete disaster.
Weather – how it affects the mountains and your day out.
Navigation in the mountains – everything from selecting a compass and using a map to navigation in poor visibility and an intro to GPS.
Environmental knowledge – how to minimise your impact on the hill, information on good practice and useful organisations.
Hazards and emergency procedures in the mountains – how to respond to any hazards you encounter and what to do in an emergency.

A Leading Edge Mountain Skills course will start with an opportunity to meet the other people on the course and take part in a short planning session with us. After that you will be out in the mountains, moving away from the trails and into steeper, rockier terrain in order to learn about the differences in weather, navigation and managing risk in the mountain environment. The physical effort required on these days will be more demanding than the Mountain Training Hill Skills course and you can expect to be out in the mountains for between 5-6 hours. In addition, Leading Edge will run an optional evening session that can either be a walk into darkness or an additional teaching session on other elements of the course syllabus.

Detailed information on each of the above topics can be found in the Lowland Leader Handbook.  

Mountain Skills Handbook