Leading Edge | Head Games

"Sam - thanks for three great days - I really enjoyed it and feel I have improved in my climbing and am getting closer to my goals! "
- Helen

Head Games

Do you identify with any of the below? Are you stuck on a performance plateau which you just can't get off? Does fear stop you leading routes that are much easier than you can second? Can't make the psychological switch from sport to trad climbing? Do you get frustrated about getting anxious even when you know everything is safe? Have you had an accident or lay off that has left your confidence shaken? Does the fear of falling shut your climbing mojo down? Any of that sound familiar?

if you are answering 'yes' to any of the above then this Leading Edge Head Games course might very well rock your vertical world. We spend a lot of time looking at ways to allow you to take back control and build your confidence again. This is all done practically with lots of the individualised coaching taking place while you are on the rock. We focus on techniques which allow you to stay and feel in control. This will help reduce your anxiety and allow you to maintain your composure, maximise and enjoy your climbing. Our highly supportive and encouraging atmosphere will have you leaving with a huge set of resources, from movement techniques to coping strategies which you can deploy at will and strut your funky stuff no matter what grade you wish to climb.

What does Lead Climb Coach Cover?

Preparation protocols
Reading the rock and route planning
Movement skills
Relaxing while climbing
Recognising physiological and psychological traps and avoiding them
Coping strategies before and during climbing
Take away techniques for you to practice with
Action/development plan
Remote support afterwards