Leading Edge | Fast Track Scrambler

"all the time Sam's laugh puts everyone instantly at ease!"
- Jessica

Fast Track Scrambler

You will be coached through the critical movement skills required to move safely, efficiently and confidently in steep ground. Covering all manner of subjects like hold selection, route choice, how to deal with trickier sections all in ascent and descent. Once your feeling good with this base we will start to build on top of it. Utilising ropes and technical hardware to safeguard our journey around some of the very best accessible scrambles in the UK. 

A great course which will be paced to your ability, confidence and the conditions on the mountain. You will be amazed at where you can be hanging out by the end!

What does Fast Track Scrambler Cover?

Interpreting a guide book,
Hold Selection,
Route Selection,
Ascent & Descent,
Putting on a harness,
Tying in with a rethreaded figure of 8,
Removing and storing rock protection,
Making yourself safe at belays,
Basic emergency procedures.