Leading Edge | Climb confidence: 1 day intensive Course

Leading Edge Spanish Rock. Loved it! Ideal weather, unlimited climbing options, luxurious accommodation, and as for the coaching team...... Sam, Cath, Sally & Al - you are absolutely the best. Perfectly tailored, client centered coaching. See you next year - Jo

Sam Leary is an outstanding coach! I came to Sam to get better at lead climbing and I'm so glad I did!! She has a real gift for getting the best out of her clients and has made a real difference to my mental attitude to leading. A lot of people can "teach" climbing but Sam offers clarity, consistency, insight, honesty and genuine passion in her teaching...there's something a bit magic about what Sam can do :) - Donna

Brilliant - Sam is an absolutely fantastic coach and she really, truly cares :-D I was very motivated to begin lead climbing this summer but needed Sam's help first to get my mindset ready for it and to improve my confidence... and it worked! Sam not only helped me to improve my climbing techniques; she also worked on the tactics and psychology of leading which resulted in massive improvements in what I could achieve. 100% recommended! - Branwen

Sam - thanks for three great days - I really enjoyed it and feel I have improved in my climbing and am getting closer to my goals! - Helen