Leading Edge | Introduction to Rock Climbing

"Cath - I wanted to say a big thank you again for a really enjoyable and informative day on Saturday. And that I have taken on board your advice and started putting it into practice. "
- Charlotte

Introduction to Rock Climbing

Our individualised instruction and coaching will have you soon enjoying the pleasure of moving smoothly and efficiently over rock. Leading Edge can help you manage fear, gain a sense of personal achievement and all of this while exploring a beautiful place. You will find yourself learning new skills, moving confidently and surprising yourself with what you can accomplish.

At Leading Edge we work hard to ensure you leave an Introduction Rock Climbing course feeling exhilarated, enthused and it will also do wonders for your self confidence. You will be amazed at what you can achieve when the coaching environment is as progressive and supportive as ours. A great way to start your climbing journey.

What does the Introduction to Rock Climbing Course Cover?

Personal equipment and its use Tying on and belaying
Climbing movement and coaching
Climbing at different venues and on different rock types
Use of guidebooks